Behind LaBizarreSusu: Vintage Culture and Jewelry with History

We welcome you to LaBizarreSusu!

Behind LaBizarreSusu: Antique Jewelry and Vintage Culture, you will find jewelry and antiques that have us completely spellbound. Our story began a long time ago, when we embarked on a journey in search of unique and singular treasures. Our goal is to find quality pieces that transport us to the nostalgia of bygone eras, but are also so versatile that you can use them and wear them in your daily life, on a special occasion or simply to complete your collection.

We are passionate about the exceptional, the unusual, the extravagant and, above all, the beautiful. Discover an exciting journey to grow your personal brand with uniqueness and timeless elegance!

At LaBizarreSusu, we offer you a selection of retro jewelry pieces and objects from different eras and styles. From Victorian charm to Art Deco elegance, to the creativity of modernism and vintage boho spirit, and even designer pieces, our collection is so diverse that you will always find something that will surprise you.

We care a lot about quality, that's why we select jewelry made with noble materials such as silver, gold and natural stones. Each piece is chosen with great care, seeking the authenticity and durability of well-made jewelry, which avoids mass manufacturing and values ​​work well done.

In addition, we care about the environment and believe that sustainability is essential. For this reason, we are committed to recovering handmade objects made with quality materials, to reduce our environmental impact and make this world a better place.

At LaBizarreSusu, all our photographs are real, they have not been retouched, although we take them with artificial light. We display each item naturally, without extra distractions or decorations that add to the antique aesthetic. We believe that all pieces should speak for themselves with their patina, their passage of time, creating their own unique identity. They are all different and authentic.

We want each visit to our store to be a great experience, our customers recognize us for this. We attach great importance to communication with our clients and we are always available to answer all your questions, share knowledge about the pieces and reflect together on whether that piece is ideal for your jewelry box or collection.

So, if you are looking for unique pieces, LaBizarreSusu is the perfect place for you.

Thank you for being part of our wonderful family. We hope you join our community and make LaBizarreSusu your favorite destination to find your new exceptional vintage piece that reflects your style and personality!

The LaBizarreSusu team.