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Art Nouveau or Modernist jewelry is an artistic movement that left an indelible mark in the final decades of the 19th and early 20th centuries, revolutionizing the world of jewelry and design of the time. This style was characterized by its deep connection with nature and the search for beauty in organic and fluid forms. Unlike the clean, geometric lines of Art Deco, Art Nouveau was inspired by flora and fauna, creating pieces that evoked the elegance of natural forms.

One of the most distinctive aspects of Art Nouveau was the stylization of natural elements, such as the sinuous curves of plants and the delicate wings of dragonflies. Additionally, this artistic movement embraced spirituality and mysticism, incorporating esoteric symbols and mythological elements into jewelry, creating an aura of mystery and charm in each piece.

In the world of Art Nouveau and Modernist jewelry, several designers shined with their own light, each leaving a unique mark on this movement. Alphonse Mucha, known for his exquisite Art Nouveau illustrations, also ventured into jewelry creation, fusing the beauty of his works with the world of goldsmithing.

René Lalique, whose unrivaled jewelry and glass designs became synonymous with the Art Nouveau style, was noted for his ability to capture the delicacy of natural forms in crystal and precious gems. His influence on modernist jewelry remains notable to this day.

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Mujer con estética Art Nouveau, circa 1900